7 benefits of accepting technical intern trainees

The purpose of accepting trainees is “international contribution through technology transfer”.

However, if you actually accept the trainees, you will notice that there are secondary benefits other than the purpose.


1. Internal activation

Most foreigners employed as trainees are young people in their late teens and late 20s.

There have been a number of cases where a vibrant young foreigner has joined the company to brighten up the workplace atmosphere.

Just because the trainees are doing their best in the field, the Japanese employees also feel that they can't be defeated, which leads to many employees remembering their “first intentions”.



2. Increase productivity

Some people are worried that if foreigners enter the field, they will not be able to communicate in Japanese enough and productivity will drop.

However, as trainees engaged in work enthusiastically, as described above, the “motivation” of Japanese employees also increased, and the productivity gained when viewed comprehensively due to the multiplier effect of trainees and Japanese. I have received a voice.


3. Improvement of work environment


Since apprentices are foreigners, in many cases it is difficult to communicate in the same way as Japanese people. In particular, many apprentices who enter Japan are able to carry out simple daily conversations.

For this reason, some of the receiving companies are taking measures to revise their work procedures in an easy-to-understand manner and to increase the number of photographs, pictures, drawings, signs, etc. in the factory.


Four. Increase retention of new employees

As work processes become easier to understand, new Japanese employees, new part-time workers, and temporary staff can get used to their work more quickly, and the Japanese retention rate increases.


Five. Full compliance with listed companies

In order to accept trainees, not only the Labor Standards Act, but also thorough labor management and welfare benefits will be improved. Although it often takes a lot of time and disadvantages to accept, legal compliance and risk management are indispensable for companies to survive.

You may find that your company is not keeping up with the apprenticeship.

6. Expansion of management perspective

By accepting foreign human resources, you will be able to gain an eye on the parts you have not seen before, increase your perspective, and create a company management and work environment that is different from what you had before.


7. A foothold for overseas expansion


Accepting apprentices does not mean that they often go overseas.

However, you can consider overseas expansion that you had never thought of, or think of it as a foothold. Considering this blocked environment in Japan and thinking ahead, I feel overseas is attractive.




By accepting foreign human resources, you may notice things that you have never seen before, or you may be able to improve and develop your company.

Disadvantages tend to focus on cost and effort, but when considering a short span. I think that this merit will greatly exceed if you think in the long span.

However, in order to make the acceptance successful, the company's acceptance system and management by the supervising organization are essential.