Association information

The cooperative's proposal outlines an ambitious plan to deepen inter-industry exchanges, engage in global activities, and provide comprehensive business support. This strategy is set to encourage international exchange and contribute to corporate development and revitalization. A diverse set of services is promised to make the most of the cooperative's unique features, offering practical solutions across various fields.

Key services pledged for the members include:

A joint initiative for the intake and vocational placement of foreign technical interns, reflecting a commitment to skills development.

Cooperative purchasing of air tickets and consumables to ensure economic benefits for all members.

Educational and information provision aimed at improving management and technical skills, as well as spreading knowledge about cooperative businesses.

Projects centered on human resource development to enhance the professional capabilities of members' staff.

Welfare and benefit-related services designed to improve the living standards of members.

These services underscore the cooperative's commitment to nurturing a supportive and growth-oriented environment for all its members.