Specific skills

What are specific skills?

Unlike the “technical internship system”, which is an international contribution by technology transfer, this system accepts foreigners who have a certain level of expertise and skills to deal with labor shortages.
Currently, it is possible to hire foreigners with specific skills in 14 fields.
Foreigners who have decided to hire through an on-site interview will need to go through the Immigration Bureau, etc., so they will enter the country two to three months after the interview .

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Acceptable fields

The following 14 sectors can employ foreigners with specific skills.
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Click here for the upper limit of acceptance in each field

In addition, for each field, non-target industries are also set.
(For example, alcoholic beverages cannot be manufactured in the food and beverage manufacturing industry .)

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Please feel free to contact us if you are unsure if your company can utilize a specific skill .

Requirements for foreigners to accept

The following requirements are established for foreigners working as specific skill No.1.

▶ You
must be 18 years of age or older ▶ Health is in good condition
▶ Completed Technical Internship No. 2 or passed a skill measurement test
▶ Passed a Japanese Language Proficiency Test N4 or higher
▶ Working period Less than 5 years in total
▶ No deposit or penalty has been collected or scheduled to be made
▶ Companies and foreigners agree on wage deduction items
▶ Forced repatriation If you are from a country that fulfills your obligation to take over your personality
▶ If there are necessary procedures in your home country, you must complete those procedures.
▶ For fields that have their own standards, follow those standards. The same

requirements are also established for specific skill No. 2.

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Specific skills "No. 1" and "No. 2"

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There are two types of specific skills: “No. 1” and “No. 2”. The major difference is the period in which you can work. No. 1 has a maximum period of 5 years, but No. 2 has no time limit. (Renewal of period of stay is required separately.) In
addition, if you meet the requirements by passing the prescribed exam, you can move to No. 2 in the middle of No. 1 or work from No. 2 from the beginning.
At present, only two industries, “Construction” and “Shipbuilding and shipbuilding”, are scheduled for No. 2, and testing is expected to begin in FY2021.

The schedule for the start of specific skill evaluation tests for other industries is as follows (as of April 2019).

  • April 2019 Accommodation business, nursing care business, restaurant business
  • October 2019 Food and beverage manufacturing industry
  • Since the fall of 2019 Building cleaning
  • The remaining nine industries until March 2020

The Japanese language proficiency test common to 14 industries began in 2019.
For the time being, it will be held in nine countries: Vietnam, Philippines, Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Thailand, Myanmar, Nepal, and Mongolia.


Procedures required of the host company

When hiring foreigners using specific skills, the following procedures are required.

▶ the development of specific skills foreign assistance programs
to foreigners to ▶ employment, provide information about the work, daily life
▶ foreign dorm ensure
▶ appointment of a support person responsible
▶ Certificate of Eligibility grant application
other, many

more than five items Is a procedure necessary for foreigners to enter the country and start working. In addition to this after entry, additional procedures are required. Many of these items can be entrusted to a registration support organization.